Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We Want You!

The month of November is nearly over. I like November. It's starting to get colder here. The days have a nip in them until they get downright chilly like this morning. Tights and boots and summer dresses with thick cardigans pulled over them, not having to shave my legs everyday (come on, it's the little things,) Thanksgiving, all things spiced and pumpkin and festive begin, and this month that meant writing everyday here for NaBloPoMo. Some days what I wrote was fast and silly. Barely a twenty minute thought with a photo and a few words. But that's the beauty of writing every single day. The days that aren't amazing or perfectly crafted are just fine. They serve their purpose, they keep that writing muscle toned and limber and ready for when the really inspired posts come out. And there are these pieces I'm really proud of having written this month. Proud because they were difficult or important to me, reflective or funny, or just something I was excited to share.

That's the benefit of making myself write everyday. Those pieces come much more frequently when I know I have to write. I am more open to inspiration. I look everywhere for ideas. Out of the necessity to create everyday, I find myself letting a little kernel of something I would have overlooked in a different month developing into a full blown post. It also forces the perfectionist inside of me to take a break, take a breath and realize that I can't edit every post to Pulitzer prize winning perfection. And that's ok. There is a beauty in the short, dinky posts sometimes too. There is a beauty and importance in capturing a regular day instead of all the exciting trips and vacations and family visits and extravagant meals. There's beauty in the simplicity of a row of days added together to capture the feeling of what my normal life looks like. And blogging everyday enhances that for me. I don't plan to keep it up, mind you. But do I have some exciting plans for December? You bet!

Last December about 6,000 bloggers and I participated in the December Reverb project, where we wrote responses to a set of 31 prompts, one for each day of the month, reflecting on 2010 and thinking about what we wanted to manifest for ourselves in 2011. Well, the hosts of Reverb have bowed out this year and put it back on the participants to create our own Reverb groups. So that's what I'm doing. And I want you to join me!

I had no plans to participate in Reverb this year, last year the posts tended toward the new agey, slightly cheesy and repetitive. Too much manifesting and reflecting. I want more humor, lightness and whimsy in the prompts. I finished it because I had committed myself to doing it, but I didn't like it about 1/2 way through. In fact I think I complained about it rather annoyingly. My friend Kristen and I had talked about starting our own group, so why not right now?

Our Reverb group, the Reverb Broads (though men are more than welcome) is going to chuck that reflection theme since I think we are all more pragmatic and down-to-earth than new agey, and go with our own prompts, no rules, just creative and interesting. I've invited some fantastic bloggers to join us and help create prompts and write with our group. Because the more the merrier!

So if you've considered starting a blog or have a blog and would like to join us, please click here to go to our public Facebook page, like it and don't forget to post your blog address there too. Or leave a comment here to join. We'll add you to our Facebook group, our Google Reader bundle with the other bloggers and you can get writing! We'll be posting the prompts here everyday and sending them out through our Facebook page and group, you can write on any or all of the prompts that you want, the more the better, but don't feel obligated to write every single day. I've found the more I write, participate, read other's blogs and comment within groups the more I get out of the whole thing. This should be a great chance to flex your writing muscle, read some excellent work from other bloggers, and create a little community for ourselves.

We aren't interested in huge readerships or major publicity, but more interested in creating a quirky, fun, and thought provoking month of writing. If you decide to join in we have three "Writing Broads" buttons you can choose from to put on your blog, as well as a twitter hashtag " #reverbbroads11" so we can collect all of the posts more easily when you tweet. I'll be writing here everyday to promote the prompts and the other great bloggers, and do a bit of writing myself, but for now here's our growing line up of bloggers: 

Adrianne at
Amber at
Amy at
Andrea at
Becca at
Bethany at
Brenda at
Bonnie at
Catie at
Colleen at
Craige at
Dana at
Deanna at
Emily R at
Emily H at
Eva at
Jamie Sara
Jen M at
Jen W at
Jennifer H at
Jennifer at
Jenny P at
Jessica at
Julia at
Julie at
Julie P at
Kaitlin at
Kassie (me!) at right here!
Kat at
Kate at
Kathy at
Katie at
Katrina at
Keri at
Krissy at
Kristen A at
Kristen R at
Lauren at
Laurie at
Lea at
Louise at
Mallory at
Mandy at
Mary at
Matthew at
Melanie at
Melissa at
Neha at
Niki at
Rebecca at
Sarah at
Sarah H at
Sarah at 
Shannon at
Stacy at
Susan at
Tara at
Taren at
Wendy at

Check back tomorrow for our first prompt of December and please join us. Happy writing and reading!


OperaWife said...

Woo hoo, super excited to participate!!

Jess Banks said...

I could get into this. :) Count me in!

ginarita said...

I'm in!

Kassie said...

Excellent! Glad you want to join us. Go search for the Reverb Broads page on Facebook, like it and make sure to your blog address! Prompts will be listed there and on my blog and twitter as well. If you have any prompt ideas feel free to email me at ksands9101 at

Snowfairy said...

This could be the incentive I need to drag blog out of storage. Even if it is only a paragraph a day, maybe every other day, perhaps. Anyway I'll give it a try :)

Mallory said...

I would love to participate! I need something fun to push me to write again.

Matt said...

I found this project through my friend Dana, and would love to play along if you don't mind the voice of a gay guy! My new blog (which has been long in planning) is

Kat Walsh said...

Excited to be involved! Thanks for the invite! If you have room to invite anymore folks, I know two wonderful people who would be great contributors... Dana's blog:, and Rodney's blog: I'll message you their email addresses if you still have room.

Kassie said...

Kat, there is not end to the room we have! Go ahead and message me their email addresses, feel free to add them to the Reverb Group on Facebook and pass on the public page here: if they want to like it then the prompts will show up in their Facebook feed.

Jennifer said...

I'm in too!

Unknown said...

I'm participating!

Kassie said...

Gotcha added, Sarah! I had you in the Google reader bundle but somehow missed you on the blog roll. Sorry about that!

sarah said...

i'd love to participate, if i still can. i liked the FB page already and will be writing my posts at (always greener). obviously i've got some catching up to do!

thanks much,

Anonymous said...

I'm only a few days behind - but I'd love to join. I was hoping someone would start a Reverb '11!

Louise said...

I'm going to participate, but I can't do the FB thing... don't want my family looking at my blog!

Taren said...

Love this! I'm going to start!


Unknown said...

OK, very very late into the month, but I was kindly invited by Bethany and I don't want to miss out. My blog is:

I already post 2-3 times a week, and I'm totally looking forward to reading some other bloggers and getting new ideas.

Kassie said...

No problem, Tara. We've got you added to our Google reader feed here and to the list on this site. Now, if you go like our Facebook page here you'll find a place to post your blog, find fellow Reverb Broads and find the daily prompts. Welcome!

Melissa Brown said...

Can you add me to the blog roll please? I've been trying to keep up on the posts! Thanks!

Maltese Princess said...
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Maltese Princess said...

Ok I am going to try it :) Please add me to the roll. My newly minted blog is:

Kassie said...

Melissa and Maltese, got you both added! Feel free to browse over to our Facebook page for more info. Thanks for joining us.