Sunday, October 12, 2014

I'm the Worst and the Best

Things I'm the Worst at right now:

Taking criticism without getting defensive
Doing my hair in any style but straight and down
Applying liquid eyeliner without redoing it three times, maybe four
Not cleaning the house if people are coming over
Sticking with one book and not trying three others before I land and finish one
Sharing the remote
Not over analyzing everything, everything
Letting the dishes sit over night
Delayed gratification
Not comparing myself to other people
Being completely spontaneous 
Making large changes outside of my routine without agonizing over them
Eating all the veggies I buy and plan to cook before they go bad
Not laughing without a bit of a snort 
Doing things I'm not good at until I get better at them

(After 30 minutes of practice, I'm slightly better at the liquid liner.)

Things I'm the Best at right now:

Making quick decisions without regrets
Listening to you, closely
Making the bed everyday
Wearing brooches and scarves
Picking books for other people
Putting myself in your shoes, though not literally because I'm guessing my feet are bigger than yours
Baking things you'll want to eat seconds of
Reading more than one book at a time
Managing multiple deadlines and projects and people personalities
Dog walks through leaves
Knowing a wide range of historical slut shaming terminology
Assuming the worst in any serious situation 
Crying while watching anything vaguely emotional
Eating all kinds of interesting things, even eel
Singing along to every song I love with loud joy, and totally off key
Loving you
Saying no
Appreciating your tiny lovely quirks
Buying lip gloss that's always too pink and never quite red enough

How about you? What are you terrible at today? What are you the queen or king of doing well?

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