Saturday, March 23, 2013

What's on your happylist?


The whirring thumping drum of the attic fan on the first warm day of spring

Refilling a jar of cotton balls, all white and pure and fluffy

Hot wind blowing my hair up in crazy waves while riding in a dirty convertible

The dog's furry behind running down the hall to his crate as soon as the treat jar clinks

Binge watching a whole season of a tv show on Netflix

Getting real mail, cards from friends or drawings or photos from our niece and nephews

My arms overflowing with freshly checked out library books

Pinching off tiny bits of cookie batter to taste before baking

Three hour lunches with old friends, our stories making us laugh and cry and layering up with our shared history

Joe rubbing my shoulders while I wash the crusty dinner dishes

Hitting the submit button for an online grant application after hours of work

Dancing alone in my empty living room in my pjs and bedhead

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