Saturday, November 20, 2010

Break Time!

I wrote 3,000 words today. I liked about 500 of them. Fairly good ratio. But I need a break before I dive in again. Here are ten things that made me smile today:

1. The dog falling asleep laying in a patch of sun on our living room floor. Yesterday Joe highly recommended moving the ottoman for the dog to obtain a solid spot for sunbathing. I heed his advice. The dog is stretched out sleeping, and doing that little dream kick and twitch thing. His back legs running and whimpering noises occasionally. This makes me happy. I imagine him chasing and catching the squirrels that constantly are just out of reach on the deck. They are his sworn enemies, and they leave walnut shells all over just to show their superiority. In his dreams, he is victorious.

2. This website. Pajiba is snarky and smart, in addition to spot-on television and movie reviews, they host some bold, witty and sharp writers. I snorted when I read the "Nice Sack" post linked to above. I like the cut of their jib.

3. Babies. Babies make me smile. Babies wearing pink sock monkey hats who then try and eat my necklace make me break out in an ear-to-ear grin. Add coffee and baby's mother who happens to be best friend, total happiness for an hour.
Miss Maddie

4. The new Girl Talk album. It was free. It somehow mashes together my favorite Simon and Garfunkel song "Cecelia" with U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday," adds Lil' John rapping over it and instigates within me the desire to dance all over the house. Shake my butt and work it, up and down the hallway. I can't listen to it and write because it's hard to type and dance. I tried. It doesn't work well. Lots of misspellings.

5. Ginger Pear Muffins. I made them last night. And even though they are a Weight Watchers recipe they don't taste like cardboard diet crap. Juicy and fruity and spicy, yum.

6. The movie Old School. This was on in the background while I was cleaning this morning.  It's Old School. If you don't laugh, at least smile, while watching this scene then your funny bone is badly damaged or in fact broken.

7. People who cry on What Not to Wear. You know it's about clothing, right? If they throw away your sweater, you know the one that looks like they skinned a muppet and draped it over your shoulders, you probably shouldn't weep. It's just a sweater.

8. As soon as I finish this and then write another 1,000 words, I'm going to make this sweet potato and sage gratin to go with our grilled chicken and asparagus for dinner. I'm attempting to help Joe get over his extreme bias against anything with the word "gratin" in it. He thinks back to the boxed potatoes au gratin that we both grew up with. The hard thick slices of dehydrated potatoes, the packet of powdered cheese, overcooked, chewy.  This is not that gratin. I shall report back on the results. He has already expressed disinterest and skepticism. I am convinced that the powers of a little heavy cream will prevail.

9.  The big cardboard box that I had to swerve to avoid hitting on State Line earlier today. It had the word BUENO written in large block letters along the side. I just wonder, what's inside a box of BUENO? Any guesses?

10. The mere mention of a three day week next week. And even though I need to continue to write at least 1,700 words a day while we are out of town, I won't be at work, I'll be spending time with family and friends, oh, and maybe we'll even get a little snow. I'm ready for a little snow. And pumpkin pie. Mostly the pie.

What would you put in a big box of Bueno? Because I feel like I need to start putting one together. What's made you smile today? Your turn, now share with the class.


bethany actually said...

Joe is nuts. If you can't sway him with homemade gratin then he is hopeless.

In my box of BUENO today I would put the big painting Annalie did under Brenda's supervision while Troy and I went to see Harry Potter. It's a blue sky with a big yellow sun, puffy yellow clouds, and a tiny airplane. I love it so much because she came up with the idea and painted it all on her own, and it's so her. (I'll blog it soon, so you can see it.)

jastereo said...

Inside the box...nothin' but goodness!!!

Snowfairy said...

I like the sound of those muffins.
Saturday's smiles came from Matilda's amazement when she saw Big Ben. Drinking mulled wine outside. Going into an art gallery if only for a short time. Getting home and putting PJs on after a long day out in the cold walking for miles.

kassie lou said...

Bethany, I think when we have a kid we're going to have to commission a painting like that from Annalie.
Emily, I love your family photo from your London trip. Friggin adorable!