Thursday, June 21, 2007

So let's get to Prep. I really liked this book. It was a fun, fast, and an entertaining read. And though it also followed a high school girl's daily life, it was a much different book than The Cheerleader. Prep follows the high school career of Lee, a 14 year old middle class girl from Indiana, who one day just decides that she would like to attend a boarding school. She applies, gets accepted, gets a scholarship and then has to convince her family to let her go. They acquiesce and so she packs up and drives out with her parents to her new private boarding school right outside of Boston. She is immediately overwhelmed by the massive changes her life undergoes as soon as she arrives at school. She's one of the poor kids, she's not into sports, she's not beautiful and because she is a bit shy she becomes extremely isolated and alienates herself, making very little effort to get to know her classmates or teachers. She warms up over the first year and starts to make some real friends but its a struggle for her during her entire high school career. She never feels like a part of a group, always feels like an outsider, and holds herself back too much. She begins to loosen up later in her high school years and its just so fun and entertaining to read about the ups and downs of her life. Takes me back to high school and makes me think of the things I would do differently if I ever had to go back. But thank god I don't have to! High school sucked! On to the next book, Loving Che.

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