Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I love reading blogs but I can't seem to write something everyday or even monthly! It feels like a chore. So this summer I'm just going to write quick notes on what I'm reading. More just for me to keep track of everything I read this summer. So here goes, just finished this last night, first book of the summer.

The Black Dahlia
by James Ellroy

Really liked this book. Dropping you into 1940's L.A., gritty, dark and yet blindingly sunny, Ellroy captures the language, the passion and the pressure of cops trying to solve the brutal murder and torture of a young wanna be actress. No one is good, everyone is flawed, the cops are brutal racists, the women are all sly broads or trampy victims. And I found myself loving every minute of it. From race riots, to scuzzy motel room liasons, down to its rough and tumble cracked and twisted ending. Perfect noir mystery, excellent. Can't wait to read the next three books in Ellroy's LA quartet. If you are bothered by graphic sex, violence and 1940's politically incorrect language this isn't the book for you. But if you love a mystery, complex and flawed characters, and relish the artistry in perfectly selected and controlled language that Ellroy so deftly uses, then please borrow it from me!

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